Thursday, 29 July 2010

105 Mark Hunt

Position : Forward

Played : 1986-7 to 1987-88

Played : 2

Goals : 1

Mark was a YTS player in the same batch as Keith Welch who got a substitute appearance in the thankfully meaningless last game of 1986-7, away at Scunthorpe ,while the real drama was going on at Turf Moor and Plainmoor.

He only got one start the following season when we were really depleted at Exeter but scored to earn us a point. He didn’t get another opportunity which didn’t bode well when the competition was Dean Walling and a 38-year old Ernie Moss. Sure enough he wasn’t offered a professional contract.

Unfortunately for Mark if he’s remembered at all it is for the oft-expressed sentiment that it was a pity he wasn’t called Mike as one of the other YTS lads was Dave Mycock ! Let’s quickly move on …

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