Monday, 9 August 2010

113 Zac Hughes

Position : Centre half

Played : 1987-88 to 1990-91 (only played for first team in 1987-88)

Appearances : 2

Goals : 0

Zac was a 16-year old YTS player flung into the side away at Exeter in September 1987 when we were caught short. It made him (and he still is) the youngest player ever to play for us He must have done OK as we came away with a draw. He played one other game that season then that was it.

The trouble was, having that record seemed to make the club reluctant to part company with him and he was still hanging around into the Dave Sutton era. Not much harm in that you'd say but during that time we let go of another young centre half who went on to play for Bury, Preston, Huddersfield and Sheffield United, command six figure fees and still hasn't confirmed his retirement. Zac by contrast went to Chadderton and thence total obscurity.

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