Thursday, 16 September 2010

141 Jonathan Hill

Position : Midfield (but mainly played left back)

Played : 1989-90 to 1990-91

Appearances : 36

Goals : 1

Jonathan was an untried youngster from Crewe who was signed as a midfielder but was quickly pressed into service to fill a gap at left back. That he did well as part of a very mean five-man defence is a great tribute to him. In his second season , Terry Dolan changed tactics and Jimmy Graham became the left back, banishing Jonathan to the reserves but he came back into the side when Dave Sutton took over, the new caretaker boss saying he felt Jonathan (and Willie Burns) had been neglected.

The dick (as mentioned in previous posts) maintained that Jonathan was the best of the new signings (and toe-curlingly told him so in the Ratcliffe Arms) probably to make us think he had some special expertise in football matters when Jonathan moved on to better things. Unfortunately for him, when Sutton released Jonathan in May 1991 he signed for Witton Albion and vanished into obscurity.


  1. Think he now teaches PE in the middle east or somewhere. Was also one of the youth coaches at Man U. I bumped into him at a job interview a few years ago and he told me how he would have been sold for a fortune were it not for an injury.

    Yeah, right.

  2. I'd be very surprised if he's the only player on here who comes out with that sort of line Steve ! Thanks for the heads up !