Tuesday, 25 May 2010

20 Gerry Keenan

Position : Right back

Played : 1982-3, 1983-4

Appearances : 35

Goals : 1

Gerry was a victim of medical ignorance, already struggling with too many cortisone injections to his knee when we signed him in the autumn of 1982 to replace the wayward Steve Warriner. That was the reason why Port Vale had released him despite being a great fan's favourite there.

Possibly the hairiest player ever to play for Dale, genial Gerry had some good games for us but it was obvious his mobility was restricted. He was released at the end of the season and signed for Curzon Ashton but made a comeback the following season when we were shorthanded. Second time round he was less impressive and after 5 games returned to non-league where he has managed a number of north west sides including Accrington and Rossendale

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