Thursday, 3 June 2010

32 Andy Higgins

Position : Centre half (also played as striker )

Played : 1982-3 to 1983-4

Appearances : 33

Goals : 6

Oh dear. Jimmy Greenhoff's other deadline day signing was a former Port Vale team-mate who was available after failing to impress at Hartlepool. He gave us an early indication that our new manager didn;t really know what he was doing

The giant defender looked like Big Bird from Sesame Street and unfortunately played like him too. He was a bit better when we played him upfront largely because he could do less damage there and to be fair he did get a few goals with his head. He actually got more goals in a Dale shirt than the records suggest but that's because a fair few of them went in at the wrong end; I seem to recall he scored an own goal in three successive games. The whole defence was bad under Greenhoff but he was the worst of the lot.

Thankfully Les Chapman released him at the end of 1983-4. Amazingly Chester extended his stay in League football and he played 19 games for them before heading south to play for Hellenic in South Africa.

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