Thursday, 17 June 2010

43 Mark Ennis

No picture of Mark - I didn't seriously expect to find one.

Position : Right back

Played : 1983-4

Appearances : 1

Goals : 0

Mark was an 18 year old from Salford who had been playing regularly in the reserves and got his first team chance in the problem position of right back early in the new year; I can't remember exactly which match. I thought he did well but he was never seen again and subsequently signed for Salford.


  1. I wonder if he is the same Mark Ennis who was top scorer in the League of Ireland with 19 goals for St Patrick's Athletic in 1989-90, winning a few caps for the league select.

    O.E. Jenssen, Oslo.

  2. No it's not. The one you're thinking of was born 12.2.64. Our lad was born 20.11.65.