Friday, 11 June 2010

40 Ian Griffiths

Position : Winger

Played : 1983-4 to 1984-5

Appearances : 42

Goals : 5

There are basically two types of winger in the lower leagues. Type 1 is the player who appears to have all the right skills but rarely displays his full talent. Type 2 is a more consistent performer with ineradicable faults that limit their effectiveness. When we replaced Eui Martinez with Ian, who had made over 100 appearances for Tranmere, we were going for the latter in place of the former.

“Griff” , a short Scouser with the requisite bubble perm and ‘tache, was full of energy and quite pacy but he was very one-footed and never looked up so had a tendency to bottle himself up in blind allies. Nevertheless he was one of our better performers in a dire season and got a few goals notably the winner at home to Blackpool with a fierce drive, a goal that I felt unable to celebrate due to the proximity of infiltrating Seasiders in the Sandy who weren’t very happy about it. At the end of the season he joined Peter Farrell in holding out for better terms and like him was let go by Vic Halom , only making one League appearance in the new season.

He went on trial at Port Vale in October 1984 and made 12 appearances before injuries, including trapping his finger in the toilet door on the team coach, ended his career there. He moved on to better times at Wigan making 82 appearances before moving to Japan with Mazda Hiroshima. After two years there Wigan re-signed him in 1990-91 but he was only a squad player and the following season joined Wrexham making his last 14 League appearances before joining Rhyl FC

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