Thursday, 18 November 2010

194 Tony Beever

Position : Forward

Played : 1992-93

Appearances : 1

Goals : 0

Tony  was  a  YTS  lad. I  only  remember  him  from  the  pre-season  games  in  the  summer  of  92 , a  curly-haired  lad   with  something  of  a  swagger  waving  to  the  girls  in  the  crowd. Unfortunately  we  never  got  to  see  whether  or  not   he  could  do  it  on  the  pitch  as  his  career  consisted  of  10  long-forgotten  minutes  as  a  sub  for  Steve  Whitehall  at  home  to  Doncaster  in  November  1992. Then  obscurity  came  calling.


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  2. Just stumbled upon this site recently. Antony went on to become a local legend both on and off the pitch back in his hometown of Huddersfield. He developed asthma during his time at Rochdale and fell out of love with the game for a while. He eventually ended up playing at semi-pro level and scoring a bucketload of goals for many seasons across West Yorkshire. He won a number of team honours and personal accolades. He has continued to coach and manage at local level and he has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable and passionate coach. He never realised the potential his talent deserved and his short lived career at Rochdale surprised a few as he had been courted by a host of top clubs before signing in 1991. Antony still watches Rochdale every now and then talks fondly of his time there.

  3. Cheers RW. Which non-league teams did he play for ?